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About US

 LLP "Standard Group LTD" specializes in providing services in the field of labor outsourcing scheme, namely, "The Service organization - employee - user organization."

The peculiarity of  the company is a more practical focus on labor protection, stable performance oriented functions occupational health services at the customer.


Our team

The company's team consists of young and active professionals as well as experienced and mature professionals. When the project uses a system of mentoring and supervision , providing a balance of stability and creativity in the work .

Top Managers LLP " Standard Group Ltd» more than 15 years works in the field of labor protection. And since 2007 is working in the services outsourcing labor protection , opening a new direction for potential customers and developing more and more aspects of services in health and safety.

Creating LLP " Standard Group Ltd" in 2005 was a response to the increased demand in the market in the provision of outsourcing of labor protection.

Over the years since the inception of the outsourcing of labor protection in the market we have gained extensive practical experience , has implemented more than 150 projects developed original technology in the organization of work .

When carrying out health and safety in our operations use the system and planned approach . This allows you to manage projects on labor protection, keeping volumes, deadlines, quality of services for the protection of labor , in a timely manner to carry out corrective actions , and as a consequence, to achieve the objectives of protection of labor - minimizing occupational risks clients in the field of labor protection.

At the core of our business:

Efficient technology and organization of labor protection ;

  • Efficient technology and organization of labor protection ;
  • Individual approach to each project;
  • Promptness of the whole complex of labor protection ;
  • Experience in the organization and management of labor protection of our team staff engineers OSH high level with great practical experience ;
  • Organization and implementation of labor protection of varying complexity , intensity and speed , depending on the characteristics of business processes ;
  • Planning and compliance schedules , allowing complete labor protection at the appointed time ;
  • Peer find solutions to the most complex issues of labor law requirements in relation RK and existing business processes ;
  • Organized system of internal audits on work safety engineer ( project milestones );
  • Participation in audits of state labor protection supervisory authorities ;
  • Consistent quality of work performed by labor protection.

Do you have questions on OSH management or you are interested in our company ?

Our experts answer your questions on labor protection - PLEASE !

We will be glad to see you among our clients !

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