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Development of regulatory framework of occupational safety

The legal framework for occupational safety and health - a set of legislative, administrative, guidance, accounting, procedural, methodological and other documents which are used in the organization to ensure the functioning of the monitoring and action to improve the OSH management system.  

Regulatory framework consists of two groups of documents:

- External documents containing the legislative, regulatory and other requirements according to which should be built and maintain a system of labor protection;

- Internal documents and documents developed in the organization for the improvement and implementation, planning, operation, and control of the OSH management system.

The structure of external documents includes: The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Labor Code of the RK, RK codes and laws, decrees of the Government of Kazakhstan, regulations and orders of the ministries and departments of the Republic of Kazakhstan on health and safety rules, regulations and instructions (including sample), regulatory documents containing state regulations on labor protection (system safety standards, industry standards, sanitary regulations, sanitary standards, hygiene standards, sanitary rules and regulations, building codes rules, safety rules, rules of construction and safe operation, safety instructions, rules on OSH interdisciplinary; regulations on labor protection industry.

Internal documents of the OSH management system include:

- Policies in the field of labor;

- Objectives in the field of labor;

- Organizational and administrative regulations on labor protection (orders, instructions);

- Provisions (position about the division of labor protection, regulations on health and safety in the organization, the position of the occupational safety engineers, etc.);

- Instructions (instructions for the protection of employees and on certain types of works, etc.);

- Documented processes of OSH management system;

- Methods (methods of training, coaching, meetings, mass propagation, discussion of the state of OSH and the causes of accidents, organization of contests, organization of corners on occupational health, and rooms for safety instructions, organization of systematic monitoring of the safety and industrial hygiene, etc.), the rules (rules of ARMUT, rules and dates for training, coaching and testing knowledge on OSH, etc.);

- Accounting (logs, charts, programs, instruction and training, different lists (of hazards and risks, issued free uniforms, footwear and other personal protective equipment, professions and jobs for which workers need to undergo a medical examination, works of increased danger or carried out in dangerous and hazardous conditions, the main issues on briefing in the workplace), personal cards, folders, plans, schemes, notifications, measurement protocols, materials testing and certification of workplaces);

- Reporting documents (forms of official statistical reporting, execution log of regulations on elimination of revealed violations of labor protection requirements by public supervisory authorities, control, and management);

- Training and visual aids (posters, signs, etc.), information materials on health and safety.

Development of a regulatory framework for the OSH is responsible and most time-consuming process of the OSH management system. For submission the amount of work on creation of regulatory framework is given a list of required documents and files for occupational health services in the organization.

In large companies this work is carried out under the supervision of labor protection department or person responsible for the protection of labor, often with the participation of representatives of the specialized organization on OSH.

For the subjects of small business (average number of employees is no more than 25 people) the development of fully complete regulatory framework for the protection of labor is very difficult process. However, in accordance with Article 202 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, these entities may transfer work on the development a regulatory framework to natural or legal persons having special knowledge and experience in this field.

Our services for the development of a regulatory framework for occupational safety and health 

LLP "STANDARD GROUP LTD" has an extensive experience in providing consulting services in the area of health, document database of OSH (more than 5000 units sources of information) and highly qualified professionals, offers the following services:

- Audit on the state of regulatory framework for OSH and preparation of proposals for its improvement;

- Development of all types of internal documents on labor protection in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations;

- Coding of internal documents and preparing recommendations to ensure their availability for use;

- Formation of the fund of external documents on labor protection, both on paper and electronic media;

- Organizing the management of external and internal documents (periodic review of internal documents to identify documents that require corrections, withdrawal from using, preparation of recommendations on data protection and organizing storage of internal documents, external documents actualization, etc.);

- The completion of the external and internal documents with new (in the revision of rules and regulations on OSH obtained from external organizations; change of employees’ working conditions; implementation of new technology, or at the request of representatives of labor agencies).

Internal documents of the OSH management system are developed and executed in accordance with the Model Rules of documentation and documentation management in public and private organizations. 

The cost of development of the regulatory framework for occupational safety and health 

The cost of development of the regulatory framework for the protection of labor is determined after we receive applications for consulting services of LLP "STANDARD GROUP LTD". Organizations that use outsourcing services of LLP on OSH get 10% discount.

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