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Outsourcing of labor protection

  "Hand off to others what they do easier and cheaper"

Philip Kotler

 Outsourcing (the word comes from the English outer source using - use of external resources) - is the transfer of certain activities or processes of the organization to another company that specializes in these activities. We often see companies that actively use the help of outside organizations to perform work associated with cleaning, catering, personnel search, bookkeeping, advertising and many others.

In recent years a number of organizations in Kazakhstan started to use outsourcing in the field of OSH. Among them are both large companies and organizations with a small number of employees. Increasing interest in outsourcing of small business entities was promoted by the norm existing in article 202 of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan: "Organization of occupational safety and health in small businesses can be done on a contractual basis with the natural or legal persons". In Kazakhstan, at the beginning of November 2013 employs over 750 thousands of small business entities. If consider the fact that regardless of kind of business entity of small business and the number of its employees, the employer is obliged to organize work on health and safety in full compliance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. To solve such a problem without the employee having special knowledge related to the field of occupational safety and health is very problematic. In reality, most of small business entities do not have the ability to create the service of occupational safety or implement state labor protection specialist. To solve the problem of organizing the protection of employees’ rights to work safely in the economic sector of small business will help the specialized organizations on OSH, as our company LLP "STANDARD GROUP LTD".

We offer three forms of outsourcing OSH:

1. Functions of the management company (for large companies)

- Implementation of functions on the management of geographically distributed occupational health services (safety engineer).

- Formation of a single OSH management system.

- Develop and implement uniform standards and documents which regulate actions in the field of labor.

- Formation of the consolidated accounts.

- Monitoring the activities of distributed OSH services.


2. Full outsourcing of labor protection in the organization (for large companies and small businesses)

- Organization of OSH and maintenance works.

- A systematic audit of the existing system of labor protection.

- Manage the local regulatory framework.

- The organization of medical examinations.

- Conduct an introductory briefing.

- Organization of staff training and test knowledge on OSH.

- Investigation and registration of industrial accidents.

- Representing the interests of the client company regarding occupational health and safety of production processes when dealing with public authorities and administrations.

- Organization of eliminating remarks on the requirements of the Labor Inspectorate.

- Work with external organizations (the Social Insurance Fund, the Labor Inspectorate and etc).

- Operational control of process safety.

- Preventive measures to reduce the risks of accidents and other undesirable events for the employer in the field of labor.


3. Partial outsourcing (for large companies and small businesses)

- Implementation of works on the organization of labor protection which the organization transfers to outsource.


More information about outsourcing is given in sections:

- What are the advantages of outsourcing of labor protection?

- Is it possible to manage without outsourcing of OSH?

- Function of external labor protection specialist;

- Maintenance mode of the Customer Organization;

- Quality Guarantee of outsourcing services;

- The cost of outsourcing;

- What is the procedure for payment of outsourcing on occupational safety?

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