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The company's policy in the field of labor

The Company's activities are aimed at providing services and carrying out of labor protection to our clients at the highest professional level. At the head of the company's policy to achieve an acceptable risk for the protection of labor in the modern business processes

Our policy is based on:

1. Principles approach to achieve 

The basis of the principle of achieving worth of continuous improvement and evaluation of the quality of the results.

2. The choice of methods and timing of the works for each individual customer

  • Depending on the type of services in the field of labor performed by outsourcing features of business processes to achieve the goal of our company selected the following methods work:
  • Analysis to identify the problems to be high-priority decisions by determining their priority;
  • Detailed planning of the optimal timing and sequence of stages of labor protection for the realization of the goals of effective control over the performance of work ;
  • A combination of different methods of work and many others.

Timeliness of work is not unimportant aspect of the policy of the Company:

  •  Scheduling of labor protection;
  • Compliance schedules.

3. Organizational chart of the labor protection comprises four main cycles 

planning - implementation - evaluation - correction (corrective action), the cycles are aimed at continuous improvement of policies and development of labor protection.

4. Improving professional and management company

Leading experts and occupational safety engineers have many years of experience in the field of labor , including the provision of outsourcing services . Dealing with different situations OSH allows you to create a standardized database solutions of available skilled labor protection Company. Collegial decision the most difficult tasks virtually eliminates error. Permanent internal audit system eliminates the risk of error and control all stages of implementation of labor protection .


5. Improving the quality of services

Objectives of the Company in the field of quality are:

  • full satisfaction of the requirements and expectations of our customers;
  • compliance with the legislation of Kazakhstan;
  • continuous improvement of the effectiveness of project management system;
  • continually improve the quality of services provided.

Achieving these goals is provided by :


  • participation of all project staff in ensuring the effectiveness of labor protection on the basis of the personal responsibility of each employee for the quality of work performed;
  • ensure a high level of competence of personnel through the organization , maintenance and continuous improvement of the teaching staff;
  • systematic study of the demands and expectations of our clients by conducting internal audits; ensuring a strong culture of communication with the client;
  • continuous development of technologies to provide services for the protection of labor;
  • use in the services of highly qualified personnel - the key to success !


We select the best for each customer value and performance time , and the quality is always consistently high !

You are interested in our company ?