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Frequent violations

At the stage of accelerating the growth of a market economy in Kazakhstan , the infusion of Western capital , new technologies and innovative projects , human resources ( "human capital" ) become a global value.

In a global economic transformation , the formation of new control schemes and optimization of business processes and a clear tendency to deterioration of health of the working population , in order to preserve the health of enhanced state control over the observance of labor legislation. Need to accept the fact that the implementation of state policy in the field of occupational safety and activities aimed at preserving life and health of workers , is crucial to create safe working conditions. Responsibility to ensure the safety and protection of labor labor law imposes on employers.

Occupational injury in an accident

And if an employee is given a corporate transport or private car he uses in order to fulfill their duties or on the instructions manual ? In such a situation , if the employee uses the corporate transport during work at following to work and back , it's a risk of injury in an accident .

In this case, participation in an accident is considered an industrial accident , and received with bruises , etc. - Occupational injury .

Clarification of injury carries a special commission composed of representatives of the employer and the trade union or employee representatives .

Changing the rules of certification of workplaces.

Certification of workplaces on working conditions - a mandatory procedure in the entire territory of Kazakhstan, so from time to time, personnel officers and management company has closely engaged in this process. In order to conduct certification is true, it is necessary to have information. Attached file to the article recounts about what the rules should be guided by the sequence in which to organize the certification process, what documents are needed.

Duties of employers on labor protection

Occupational safety - system of preserving life and health of workers in the workplace, including the legal, socio-economic, organizational, technical, sanitary, medical and preventive treatment, rehabilitation and other measures.

In accordance with applicable law, the obligation to ensure safe working conditions and safety in the organization imposed on the employer.